Forming a New Story

Hey everyone! It’s been a crazy couple weeks, so I apologize for posting a day late. Quick update: I’m now a week into my senior year at Pepperdine. I’m loving my classes so far, but have a sizable amount of writing and reading to do each week. I’m also applying to grad schools and working […]

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The Road We Walk

Content Advisory: Violence I stare down at my sword. I made sure it was sharpened last night, and I trust that it will serve its purpose in the battle. I hate battle, but even I understand the gravity of this situation. This is the battle that will make or break the war. The Emperor has been […]

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The Life We Choose

Content Advisory: Violence I test the edge of my sword on my thumb. It’s plenty sharp, but I still run my whetstone along its edge. With each motion of the stone moving along the blade, I feel the gravity of this battle more firmly. This is the battle that will make or break the war. […]

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