Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Whether it’s morning, noon, or night where you are in the world, I’m pretty sure that by this point we have all welcomed 2018 to our respective geographical locations around the globe. And as always, somehow the arbitrary and manmade construct of a “new year” brings about a time of reflection […]

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The Moments I Write For

I love writing novels. The process of piecing together a grand overarching plot and weaving together the plot threads of different characters in a compelling story is one of the most rewarding projects that I’ve found in life. I love writing novels, but I HATE it when one of my characters ends up dying before […]

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Check out these Writers!

Two of my personal friends have in the past year or so set up WordPress websites of their own. I can attest that they are both very good writers and I thoroughly enjoy the content that I have read from them. The writer The True Argonaut is one of my good friends from high school. […]

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Strands in the Web

Those of you who have read all of my short stories as I’ve been publishing them have probably already noticed this, but my most recent story, “Agent of Change”, incorporates characters and plot elements from four of the previous stories. The rest of this post will primarily discuss the process behind writing “Agent of Change.” […]

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Tales from the Heart of Astine

“Tales from the Heart of Astine” is a series of six stories that all take place in the same city-state. The stories will be published on Fridays, one per week, from the 20th of October to the 24th of November. Background Meet the authors behind these stories – Although Astine is my creation and is in […]

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History: The City-State of Astine

Starting this Friday, the 20th of October, I will be posting one short story per week for the next six weeks. These stories will be set in the city-state Astine, a thriving nation in Ethra to the southeast of the massive kingdom of Yettrioth. (The stories are a collaborative project that four other authors worked […]

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Setting Sail

In just a few short hours I will be joining twenty-two other rising sophomores to get on a plane in Los Angeles, where we will fly across the country and hop across the pond to London, where I will be living for the next eight months as I continue my studies. I cannot begin to […]

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Ethra: A World in the Making

It all started late one Friday night thirteen years ago. We had just finished watching some Disney movie. After the movie, six-year-old me wouldn’t go to sleep. I kept bouncing up and talking to my mom and dad, both of whom were tired after a long day. My dad picked up the remote control, aimed […]

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Why I Write

I call myself a writer, so I guess this is a good question to ask myself: why do I write? Paraphrasing the teacher in the book of Ecclesiastes: Nothing is new under the sun; everything that there is to say has been said. So, why bother? For the wealth? To become a rich and famous […]

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