The Bottle Flip

They sit around the table cheering for each other booing when they fail slapping one another in jubilation when the water bottle, half empty, succeeds its rotation, lands firm on the ground, triumphant.

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Some eighty years ago bombs rained from the sky several times per day.   These walls bear the scars of war, and tell a story of astounding resilience: “We shall never surrender.”   The bombings didn’t end with the war. Last week, some angered soul saw fit to bomb the tube. Twenty-nine injured.   Every […]

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“Let’s bow our heads together,” the man at the pulpit says and I bow my head and fold my hands but before I close my eyes I see that she is reaching out to hold my hand. And so I reach out and clasp hands with her, not interlacing our fingers, just holding hands; I […]

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Behind the Screen

Our conversation lulls for a moment too long, and I feel awkward, uncomfortable… unsure what to say or do next.   So I pull out my phone. By now it’s a reflexive defense. I thumb through various screens looking at nothing, pretending to look at everything, anything besides the person I was talking to.   […]

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