Iceland’s Mysteries

Endless snowy bluffs in every direction sweep, and the sun has barely risen before it starts to set, bypassing its zenith entirely. Winds stir the snow-swept steppes and sing their lonesome melody. The darkening sky plunges the snow into deep shades of indigo, and the sun simply a band of gold nearly forgotten. Yet the […]

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Tiny the speck of robust yellow, A soft sliver of green; purest victory manifest:   Lone, a blooming flower unyielding, relentless as it ascends against the smothering snow’s white weight, stretching to peek its head above the suffocating shroud, blossoming despite the storm.

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First Fall

Curious the joy that we take in a light fall of snow.   Powdery, wet flakes swirl down from the sky, precursor to a curse of worse to come.   For in the first fall we think not of the heartless cold that creeps on our heels.   Rather, we flock to the streets, phones […]

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