Song of Life

Coated in rich, bloody water and squinting against the light I choke in the breath of life through a sheen of tears. I inhale, awakening a fire within my lungs. She says, “I love, it is you that I love, my child.” From water she brought me, her eyes hold a fiery and passionate light. […]

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In the Middle of the Night

It’s the smell I notice first, but I try not to pay it any mind. I was having a good dream, full of sun and the floral aroma of the park mixed with the warm, homey scent of my people. But once I hear the sound outside, I know that this will be another restless […]

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Piercing through warm darkness, a single ray of sun Tugs on the soul trapped within the seed. A single blade of grass Must push through layers of heavy dirt Blanketing, smothering… Must reach to find the touch of light, Must climb out of the warm, lethargic darkness of stationary rest. Yet every day, grass grows. […]

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Drink of the Sun, and be Filled

Each ping heralds arrival of another email, another notification, another tweet or blog or task or event or responsibility or celebrity scandal and each increases that tightness in your back that you’ve grown so accustomed to that you forget it’s there. It’s there. And once you feel it loosen, you’ll realize just how hypertense these […]

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Iceland’s Mysteries

Endless snowy bluffs in every direction sweep, and the sun has barely risen before it starts to set, bypassing its zenith entirely. Winds stir the snow-swept steppes and sing their lonesome melody. The darkening sky plunges the snow into deep shades of indigo, and the sun simply a band of gold nearly forgotten. Yet the […]

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Building Blocks

I used to play with wooden building blocks,tried to build structures that would riseto great heights. But the blocks would fallprey to the world’s ever-present chains:my attempts to build were not freefrom the crushing grasp of gravity. Now that I am grown, the gravityof a situation sometimes blocksme from truly feeling free;I want to write […]

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