The Coming Spring

I want to discuss each of the projects that I’m currently most invested in and the projects that I’m inclined to post on this website.

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New Horizons

The year has come with a myriad of new horizons. My year abroad has allowed me to explore ancient ruins and imposing castles; stare in wonder at the northern lights; explore vast deserts on camelback; and even swim through coral reefs in the Red Sea alongside numerous schools of fish. It has been an amazing […]

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Villains, Mazes, and Darkness

After consulting my followers on Facebook, I have decided to write a collection of blogs over the next few weeks discussing my favorite books and authors. In future weeks I’ll be looking at classic fiction, nonfiction, philosophy, biblical books, and my favorite series, but for now I’ll discuss my three favorite fictional books in the […]

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Novel: Dracula

Over winter break, I finally got a chance to finish up reading a novel I started last fall: Dracula by Bram Stoker. It was a particularly fun read for me because in mid-October I took a trip from London to Transylvania, and I got to explore the real castle that Dracula allegedly lived in. I […]

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