Piercing through warm darkness, a single ray of sun Tugs on the soul trapped within the seed. A single blade of grass Must push through layers of heavy dirt Blanketing, smothering… Must reach to find the touch of light, Must climb out of the warm, lethargic darkness of stationary rest. Yet every day, grass grows. […]

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Drink of the Sun, and be Filled

Each ping heralds arrival of another email, another notification, another tweet or blog or task or event or responsibility or celebrity scandal and each increases that tightness in your back that you’ve grown so accustomed to that you forget it’s there. It’s there. And once you feel it loosen, you’ll realize just how hypertense these […]

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It burns bright, makes you flare with passion, makes you fly with glee without realizing that it is also destroying you.   Fire warms, wards off the cold by destroying that which could have lasted and leaving naught but ashes in its wake.   Ashes, however, fertilize the soil; the charred remains of what once […]

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Tiny the speck of robust yellow, A soft sliver of green; purest victory manifest:   Lone, a blooming flower unyielding, relentless as it ascends against the smothering snow’s white weight, stretching to peek its head above the suffocating shroud, blossoming despite the storm.

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Ivy on the Wall

A wall looks beautiful when it is coated in ivy; full green leaves leave the ground behind as they snake their path along the rough-hewn stones stacked with care.   But that ivy, though beautiful, can wedge itself in the flaws of the wall, miniscule roots finding hairline cracks in what looks seamless, safe, impenetrable. […]

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Wave hand in front of face but see nothing   listen for something, anything can only hear the howl within, silencing the roar without.   A moan or a scream does not come close to the blizzard’s roar inside, a harbinger of pain; These flakes falling furious think they know the strength of a gale. […]

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A sunrise doesn’t always bring warmth.   A symbol of hope doesn’t always give it.   The breath of the sun on my back only reminds me how cold I am inside.

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It stands alone, in the middle of a grassy field waiting.   It strains, leaning into the wind longing, longing to create, to share…   but to spread its ideas it must die.

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First Fall

Curious the joy that we take in a light fall of snow.   Powdery, wet flakes swirl down from the sky, precursor to a curse of worse to come.   For in the first fall we think not of the heartless cold that creeps on our heels.   Rather, we flock to the streets, phones […]

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It is haunting, beautiful in a way, cool, moist; or perhaps hot, muggy; either refreshing or stifling. And it obscures the world, distorting and making you wonder if there is something you mist.

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