Moments to Treasure

For the past few weeks I’ve had fun discussing favorite YA books, favorite book series, and personal favorites from the Old Testament and New Testament. I’ve really enjoyed discussing these books and hearing about your own favorites in the comments and on Facebook, so thank you to all who have participated in the discussion. Next […]

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Rose Bush

A rose bush requires intentional care. It’s a piece of work to keep it healthy, but a piece of work that is rewarding.   Roses smell sweet, a scent unparalleled, a paragon of the process of perfection, but the process takes effort.   Because every rose has thorns, and if left unattended it becomes easy […]

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Diary Entry, 25 December 2017

I’m writing this in what is for me the late afternoon on Christmas Day, but back at my home in California, it’s almost 8:00 AM. I am in Vienna, Austria, in an Airbnb with my roommate Josh and his older sister Jessica, and I’m just taking a few minutes to reflect on Christmas this year. […]

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“You ready?” Mike asked as he finished drawing the circle in the dirt, about three feet in diameter. “You should be asking yourself that.” Lucy smiled as she produced her bag. “May the best team win,” Gabe said, opening his own bag and spilling his marbles into the circle. “Oh, we plan to,” Bubba sneered. […]

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Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty, starring Will Smith, came to theaters about a year ago. When I first saw the trailers, I was intrigued, but never found time to sit down and watch it. So when I was strapped into a plane for eleven hours with nothing to do and I saw Collateral Beauty pop up on the […]

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