It stands alone, in the middle of a grassy field waiting.   It strains, leaning into the wind longing, longing to create, to share…   but to spread its ideas it must die.

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I’ve been in this nest for my whole life, I think; my wings are stronger now, my feathers more firm.   A fledgeling, am I ready to fly as those before me have flown?   It is what I have dreamed of, a moment I have wanted, longed for, for so long and now the […]

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The forest was one grown of heart and of spirit, vibrant and flowering; and through the blooming blossoms they flew.   Butterflies, in stunning hues gold, red of passion, and blue so intense it seemed to glow, shimmering colors on the fluttering wings: through the trees they rushed, their fragile wings beating a tune, a […]

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Good Friday

We all have an inner circle of friends, an elect few with whom we share everything in our lives; all the good, and all the bad. Think about a couple of your closest friends, and with them in mind, imagine for a moment that you’re faced with an incredible challenge. Something physically or emotionally painful. […]

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Moments to Treasure

For the past few weeks I’ve had fun discussing favorite YA books, favorite book series, and personal favorites from the Old Testament and New Testament. I’ve really enjoyed discussing these books and hearing about your own favorites in the comments and on Facebook, so thank you to all who have participated in the discussion. Next […]

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The Greatest Showman

“Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for…” Again, apologies for the delay. With school starting up again I’ve fallen a little behind on my reviews, but I hope this is enlightening nonetheless. This will be a spoiler-free review of The Greatest Showman. Synopsis The Greatest Showman is a musical film that tells […]

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It springs from the ashes of a devastating fire and yet I cling to the chance that the pain, the charred ground, the wasteland, can somehow provide the ground, the foundation, the nutrients that the soil needs. And that sometime, however small and frail, the little green sprig can grow. *** If you enjoyed this […]

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Salt Water

It always brings to bear everything that you want not to consider. It surrounds you, and if there is so much as a tiny nick in your flesh it will force you to acknowledge it. How much more with a gaping abrasion. And yet somehow it has a way of healing and while yes, it […]

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Sea Glass

Half-buried in the coarse sand, mostly submerged under foam, a glimmer of pale, translucent green catches the sun’s rays and it sparkles. It used to be harsh, jagged, but time and the water together have taken their toll, and what once was ugly, a fragment of trash thrown out, perhaps once part of a bottle […]

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I stare into the spiderweb of cracks that play across the mirror in front of me. The cracks are not in the mirror itself but rather in my own mind, my own life, my own soul.

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