Tiny the speck of robust yellow, A soft sliver of green; purest victory manifest:   Lone, a blooming flower unyielding, relentless as it ascends against the smothering snow’s white weight, stretching to peek its head above the suffocating shroud, blossoming despite the storm.

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It springs from the ashes of a devastating fire and yet I cling to the chance that the pain, the charred ground, the wasteland, can somehow provide the ground, the foundation, the nutrients that the soil needs. And that sometime, however small and frail, the little green sprig can grow. *** If you enjoyed this […]

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Rose Bush

A rose bush requires intentional care. It’s a piece of work to keep it healthy, but a piece of work that is rewarding.   Roses smell sweet, a scent unparalleled, a paragon of the process of perfection, but the process takes effort.   Because every rose has thorns, and if left unattended it becomes easy […]

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