In the Middle of the Night

It’s the smell I notice first, but I try not to pay it any mind. I was having a good dream, full of sun and the floral aroma of the park mixed with the warm, homey scent of my people. But once I hear the sound outside, I know that this will be another restless […]

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Three Journal Entries

3 October, 2005 Today I met Kaif, a boy down the street! He’s nine, a whole year older than me! But our birthdays are close. We played football together with his old ball. He needs a new one, this one has patches holding it together. It was still fun, though! We’re gonna play more tomorrow! […]

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“¡Buen dia, Mamá!” I say as I sit down at the table. “Buen dia, hijito.” Mamá hands me a bowl and a box of Froot Loops. Mi hermano has a bowl in front of him, too, but his cereal is getting soggy. His spoon rests forgotten in his hand as he stares at el televisión. […]

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Villains, Mazes, and Darkness

After consulting my followers on Facebook, I have decided to write a collection of blogs over the next few weeks discussing my favorite books and authors. In future weeks I’ll be looking at classic fiction, nonfiction, philosophy, biblical books, and my favorite series, but for now I’ll discuss my three favorite fictional books in the […]

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Novel: Dracula

Over winter break, I finally got a chance to finish up reading a novel I started last fall: Dracula by Bram Stoker. It was a particularly fun read for me because in mid-October I took a trip from London to Transylvania, and I got to explore the real castle that Dracula allegedly lived in. I […]

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For quite some time I have eagerly anticipated Bright, a Netflix original that was released last Friday, 22 December. It is an urban fantasy police thriller comedy/drama (yes, quite a blend of genres) about two Los Angeles police officers – human Officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) and orc Officer Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) – who […]

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“You ready?” Mike asked as he finished drawing the circle in the dirt, about three feet in diameter. “You should be asking yourself that.” Lucy smiled as she produced her bag. “May the best team win,” Gabe said, opening his own bag and spilling his marbles into the circle. “Oh, we plan to,” Bubba sneered. […]

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Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty, starring Will Smith, came to theaters about a year ago. When I first saw the trailers, I was intrigued, but never found time to sit down and watch it. So when I was strapped into a plane for eleven hours with nothing to do and I saw Collateral Beauty pop up on the […]

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Murder on the Orient Express

I now realize that writing a spoiler-free review on a murder mystery is exceptionally difficult. How do I say what was good about the film while avoiding any mention of who the murderer is, what their motive is, and how the plot thickens? The answer, in short, is that I can’t. I will discuss the […]

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