Forming a New Story

Hey everyone! It’s been a crazy couple weeks, so I apologize for posting a day late. Quick update: I’m now a week into my senior year at Pepperdine. I’m loving my classes so far, but have a sizable amount of writing and reading to do each week. I’m also applying to grad schools and working […]

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Agent of Change

Author: Nathan Heard Content Advisory: Violence “Trussk, are you up for this?” I stare down at the parchment that my employer, Artavan Glass, holds out towards me. The parchment is sealed with the Darek House’s crest. “Yes, sir.” Artavan nods. As usual, he is wearing an expensive scarlet coat with gold embroidery over an equally expensive […]

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No More Tears

Author: Nico Heard Content Advisory: Violence, Adult Themes (Addiction) I grit my teeth as I shovel another pile of horse poop into the dump. The smell is nauseating, nearly causing me to gag. Flies buzz everywhere, flying into my ears and biting my legs. The horses whinny and trample the moldy hay. I wipe the sweat […]

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Author: Joel Cox Content Advisory: Moderate Violence, Mild Language, Some Adult Themes Even upon the floating mountain of Ropolz, Autumn Fenborn felt grounded. All her life she had fought with tooth and claw for meager survival in the lower city of the cultural metropolis, floating from beggar to prostitute to thief to mercenary. She knew the […]

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Author: Nathan Heard Content Advisory: Violence, mild language We got it. The High Lord’s crown rests in my hands. It’s a little heavier than I expected. Even though I knew it was solid gold with rubies encrusted in it, I still expected it to rest a little lighter. I bring it up and tip it on […]

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Skeleton in the Closet

Author: Josh Gash Content Advisory: Moderate Violence The tinny tinkling of a bell made Estelle Veltren look up from her worn book. A young man, maybe sixteen or seventeen, wearing what appeared to be stable boy clothes, or maybe a poor guild artisan’s apprentice outfit (one could never really tell), timidly walked into Estelle’s tidy shop. […]

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Come Hell or High Water

Author: Erika Rowlee The streets of the mid-day marketplace were clogged up, jam packed with vendors and guild members and those purchasing from them. Inawynn had been surrounded with such crowds for as long as she could remember, and learned early on the ducking and dodging, bobbing and weaving – the dance of such places. […]

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Tales from the Heart of Astine

“Tales from the Heart of Astine” is a series of six stories that all take place in the same city-state. The stories will be published on Fridays, one per week, from the 20th of October to the 24th of November. Background Meet the authors behind these stories – Although Astine is my creation and is in […]

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