Short Stories

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Most of the short stories on this site are set in my fantasy world, Ethra. Later this summer, I will be publishing more realistic fiction stories. Here’s a list of each of the stories published on this website; just click on the story’s name to read it!

Ethra Stories

Vengeance. Londaen seeks justice for the murder of his parents.

Invisible Warrior. Blade and Shatter wrestle with the morality of protecting an ungrateful kingdom.

The Life We Choose. Tamarg’s loyalties are tested when he enters battle against his childhood friend, Trussk.

The Road We Walk. The same story as “The Life We Choose,” but told from Trussk’s perspective.

Tales from the Heart of Astine. A series of six short stories written by me and four of my friends and fellow writers. Click on the heading to learn more about the project, or click here to go straight to the stories!

Other Stories

Marbles. Mike, Gabe, Lucy, and Bubba play a game of marbles, but the stakes are much higher than it might first seem.

Separados. A young Hispanic student faces the challenges of an English-speaking elementary school in uncertain times.

Three Journal Entries. An Israeli boy reflects on three stages of his life.

Warm Cookies on a Cold Night. Betty, a woman with Down Syndrome, tries to deliver cookies to the fire station.