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This page contains links to all the poetry on my website. Unlike my other pages, there aren’t synopses of the poems after each title, but there are synopses after the titles of poetry collections.

I’m also published on Vocal Media and I get paid per view there. So if you see a poem that you like and it’s also published on Vocal, follow the link at the end of the poem to support me there too! Here’s my Vocal Media profile.

Just click on a poem title to read it! You can also click on a collection title to learn more about the collection.


If I Die Today


Behind the Screen





Rose Bush


Building Blocks

Iceland’s Mysteries

Drink of the Sun, and be Filled


Setting Sail: A series of poems reflecting on life through the vessel of analyzing different parts of a ship.

Moments: A collection that captures simple moments in life.

Healing: A series that deals with pain and recovery.

Nature’s Vision: This series discusses the truths of life through the lens of nature.

Ashes: This series reflects and comments on the events of the Borderline shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, immediately followed by the devastating Woolsey Fire.