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In these blog posts, I share my personal journey as a writer, college student, and Christian. Unlike my other pages, this one is arranged in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent updates are on the top of the page.

The Fall in Review. I reflect on the events of this past fall, especially the shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill and the Woolsey Fire.

Instagram Journal Series. Every Monday I’ll be posting inside peeks at one of my many journals. Follow me @nathanheardwords to see them!

An Open Book. I started a patreon and I’ll be more active on Instagram in the coming days! Follow me @nathanheardwords.

One Year Later. The website has been up for a year! I’m gearing up for more stories and poetry. I’m also proud to announce that I’m published!

Sailing Home. As the school year ends, I prepare to return to the States.

New Horizons. I prepare to submit my first anthology of poems and novel manuscript to publication contests.

Moments to Treasure. I turn 20 years old and discuss the once-in-a-lifetime events of the past week.

Happy New Year! I talk about the arbitrary nature of New Year’s resolutions – and then proceed to make some anyway.

Diary Entry, 25 December 2017. A reflection on Christmas Day, written from Vienna, Austria.

The Moments I Write For. Writing is a priceless gift, but it comes with a great cost. I talk about tragic and inspirational moments in my personal journey as a writer.

Check out these Writers! Two of my personal friends also have websites! They’re both very good writers.

Strands in the Web. I reflect on the short stories I have written so far and how they reference each other.

Project: Tales from the Heart of Astine. Along with four other writers, I undertake a six-story project set in Ethra.

Diary Excerpt, 25 July 2015. A church service in London reminds me of a diary entry I wrote years ago.

Setting Sail. I discuss my upcoming trip overseas to study in London for the academic year.

Ethra: A World in the Making. An introduction to Ethra, my fantasy world.

Why I Write. I provide an in-depth explanation of why I write and how I got started.

First Week!! I introduce myself and my website.