Senseless! Senseless! Everything is senseless a chasing after the wind.   Columbine. Sandy Hook. Route 91. Pulse. Pittsburgh Synagogue.   So many tragedies that it’s become a list, a statistic, a common occurrence. Just one angry deed among many, occasionally worthy of momentary fame as tragedy gives way to normalcy.   Borderline.   Thousand Oaks. […]

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Wave hand in front of face but see nothing   listen for something, anything can only hear the howl within, silencing the roar without.   A moan or a scream does not come close to the blizzard’s roar inside, a harbinger of pain; These flakes falling furious think they know the strength of a gale. […]

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A sunrise doesn’t always bring warmth.   A symbol of hope doesn’t always give it.   The breath of the sun on my back only reminds me how cold I am inside.

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It stands alone, in the middle of a grassy field waiting.   It strains, leaning into the wind longing, longing to create, to share…   but to spread its ideas it must die.

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First Fall

Curious the joy that we take in a light fall of snow.   Powdery, wet flakes swirl down from the sky, precursor to a curse of worse to come.   For in the first fall we think not of the heartless cold that creeps on our heels.   Rather, we flock to the streets, phones […]

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It is haunting, beautiful in a way, cool, moist; or perhaps hot, muggy; either refreshing or stifling. And it obscures the world, distorting and making you wonder if there is something you mist.

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I’ve been in this nest for my whole life, I think; my wings are stronger now, my feathers more firm.   A fledgeling, am I ready to fly as those before me have flown?   It is what I have dreamed of, a moment I have wanted, longed for, for so long and now the […]

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The forest was one grown of heart and of spirit, vibrant and flowering; and through the blooming blossoms they flew.   Butterflies, in stunning hues gold, red of passion, and blue so intense it seemed to glow, shimmering colors on the fluttering wings: through the trees they rushed, their fragile wings beating a tune, a […]

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“For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”   Snowfall comes: winter, though cruel, is yet beautiful.   And then a soul’s springtime, the budding of flowers in a person’s spirit.   The summer, warmth of fruition, plans achieved, a time to relax and enjoy.   Come fall, […]

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Instagram Journal Series

Today marks the start of my new instagram open journal series! Every Monday, I’ll share a brief glimpse into one of my many journals. Each week, I’ll share from one of the following journals: Ethra, Devotional, Maps, Poetry, or occasionally Prayer (starred below). Note that after this week, all my journal posts will only be […]

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