Ethra is a fantasy world that I have been developing and writing stories about since I was six years old. It is a massive project that will take a very long time to come to fruition, but while I am working on long-term projects, I will be posting short stories set in this world on a fairly regular basis. This page has information about my world as well as updates on my progress developing it. Additionally, this page will have maps, illustrations, and centralized links to stories set in this world.


Ethra Stories

Many if not most of the stories that I write take place in Ethra. Here I have an index of the stories set in Ethra, along with a very brief description of the story.

Vengeance – Londaen Duream seeks to avenge his murdered parents.

Invisible Warrior – Helmson Blade questions why he fights to defend ungrateful and unknowing masses.

The Life We Choose – Colonel Tamarg prepares for what is expected to be the last battle of a lengthy and taxing military campaign. He knows that his childhood best friend is preparing to fight for the other side.

The Road We Walk – The same story as “The Life We Choose”, but narrated from the perspective of Captain Trussk, Tamarg’s childhood friend.

Tales from the Heart of Astine – A collection of short stories written by four other authors and myself. These stories are all set in the city-state Astine, which you can read about in the “Information about Ethra” section below.

Information about Ethra

If you’re interested in Ethra and want to know more about the world, check out these blog posts where I discuss various aspects of Ethra, from my process of world building to detailed information on the different geographical and political regions that I write about.

Ethra: A World in the Making – A blog post that provides an overview of my discovery of Ethra and my process of world building from when I was six years old to present day.

History: The City-State of Astine – A brief history of the founding and development of Astine, the location where my upcoming short story series will take place.