Welcome to Heard Words! My name’s Nathan Heard. I’ve been writing stories since I was six years old. Now I’m twenty-one, I’ve written five novels (working on a sixth), and I’ve written a wide array of short stories and poetry.

I have one externally published short story in an anthology available for purchase. I have also been published in Pepperdine University’s literary magazines Currents (Winter 2019 issue) and The Interlocutor. Lastly, one of my poems was published in Radical Beauty, a collection of poetry and art memorializing the Woolsey Fire from November 2018.

Over the school year I will regularly be posting short stories, poetry, and other writings such as blog posts and book or movie reviews.

I deeply value your feedback. If you read something that you really like (or don’t like), please contact me and let me know.

Again, welcome to Heard Words, and thank you for taking the time to read!



Unless otherwise specified, all fictional characters and locations are the intellectual property of Nathan Heard and cannot be reproduced or redistributed without his express written consent.