Song of Life

Coated in rich, bloody water
and squinting against the light
I choke in the breath of life
through a sheen of tears.
I inhale, awakening a fire
within my lungs. She says, “I love,

it is you that I love,
my child.” From water
she brought me, her eyes hold a fiery
and passionate light.
I see nothing else, and weep tears
of joy for this generous gift of life.

It is she who gave me life,
and she whom I love.
She begat me from a tear
within her body; her birthwater
carried me into the light
and set my soul afire.

Songs are sung of war and fire
and of the brutal end of life
but hymns shed scarce fair light
on the sweet song of love,
of the bonds of water
and death’s parting tears.

Let me ne’er forget the tears
shed in the trial by fire
in which she through water
brought me into life.
Let me live this life in love
and always shine my light,

for the gift of light
was given me, and tears
of unconditional love
light my heart afire
with a zeal for life.
Until the currents of life’s watery

path tears me from this life,
my love for all must soak like water,
must shine a fiery light.

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