Brief Update

Hey everyone!

This past Friday, I posted the last poem in the Ashes Collection, which sought to process and memorialize those affected by the Borderline Shooting and the Woolsey Fire.

This means that I am now between projects. Over the summer, I will still post once every week or two weeks. This Friday I will post a poem about a topic requested by a patron (to request topics, become a patron here).

I’m also in the beginning phase of drafting a novella titled Chacho, which follows the story of a boy living in a landfill in Tijuana, Mexico. You can expect to see this story later this summer. Though this is subject to change, I will probably post the novella in three installments over six weeks.

Additionally, I will be working on writing a work of serial fiction to release over several months next school year. I have several ideas and haven’t narrowed down to a single project yet, so over the coming weeks I’ll toss around these ideas with my patrons and on Facebook. If you’d like to take part in the discussion and help me choose which story concept to pursue as a serial, hop on my Facebook page! I’ll begin the discussion sometime within the week.

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