This is an Important Message

This is an Important Message from Pepperdine University.

Malibu and Calabasas classes are canceled and offices closed

on Friday the ninth due to wildfires. We are initiating

shelter-in-place protocols. Relocate to the Tyler campus center

or firestone fieldhouse now.

To confirm that you have received this message, press 1.


It’s seven in the morning, and I roll out of bed

to consult with my suitemates. They are all awake

and packing their toiletries into the backpacks

that we prepared last night as what we believed

was an unnecessary precaution

sent in an email by Pepperdine administration.


I’ve received dozens of these voicemails,

but they have never meant anything

other than a test to ensure

that we can reach you in the event of an emergency.


It’s funny how the words this is an important message

immediately make the listener want to ignore

everything that follows, to assume it’s a drill,

this message has nothing new to offer,

they’ve heard it all before.


This is not a drill.