The Coming Spring

Happy new year, everyone! I hope that the holiday season has been good to each and every one of you. It was for me, and I’m ready to get back to writing!

As always, I’m juggling several writing projects on top of my academic work. I want to discuss each of the projects that I’m currently most invested in and the projects that I’m inclined to post on this website. If there is a project that you are particularly interested in, please let me know. If I hear the same thing from enough of you, I will prioritize that project.

Poetry Collection: Ashes

Given the traumatic events of last November, I have been doing a great deal of writing and reflecting on these events through the lens of poetry. Ashes as a collection will eventually be between 70 and 100 pages long, and I hope to publish it as its own book in the future. For now, I am working on getting the poems published individually in magazines and will probably share some of them on this website as well.

Poetry Collection: Stained Glass

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have a fancy cover like Ashes yet. Throughout last semester, I also worked on developing another poetry collection unrelated to the Borderline shooting and the Woolsey Fire. Stained Glass, once completed, will be a book of poetry that encapsulates my college career. This collection is raw, vulnerable, and deals with difficult topics, so I hesitate to share it publicly. However, if I hear from you that you want to see poems from this collection, then I will share at least a few of them.

Movie Babble

I was recently hired as a team member at Movie Babble is a film review website that frequently produces excellent movie reviews and film-related articles. As a team member, I will not often be writing regular film reviews like I did last winter and spring. However, I will write articles observing, critiquing, and ranking various films. When I write such articles, I will repost them from the Movie Babble site to this website; however, I highly recommend you just go to and check them out. The content they produce is really incredible!

New Novel Draft

Recently, I began drafting a new novel set in Ethra. The novel’s working title (subject to change) is Blade of the South. This story focuses on the Army of Gryhirel, a kingdom in the south of the supercontinent Glidescarth. Just to the south of Gryhirel is Licthira, a region overrun by demons and hellish monstrosities. For a thousand years, the kingdom of Gryhirel has stood between demonic armies and a world that doesn’t appreciate Gryhirel’s efforts. Now, the forces of Licthira have prepared another forceful assault on Gryhirel, and the Army must rise to the occasion with no hope of reward or recognition.

Although I will not be sharing excerpts from the novel itself, it has inspired me to work on developing the world of Ethra more fully. I plan on writing several spoiler-free informational articles about various locations, events, and customs in various regions of Ethra. If such articles would interest you, comment or contact me to let me know, and I will share them publicly.

The protagonist of this novel is Helmson Blade, the protagonist of my short story Invisible Warrior.

Serial Fiction

For quite some time now, I have wanted to write serialized fiction for this website. I have several concepts that I believe would translate into engaging series of weekly short stories, but I haven’t dedicated the time needed to develop any of them into actual outlines or drafts.

Most of my ideas boil down to one of two genres: Fantasy and Superhero. Any fantasy serial will be set in Ethra and is meant to tell stories that I will not cover in my novels, yet Easter-egg references to these stories will likely show up in my novels. Taking on such a project would help me develop the world of Ethra more fully and would introduce more of the world to my readers.

Superhero serials would be an interesting challenge for me, as they would be set in a slightly altered version of our earth as it actually is today. These are stories I’ve developed on and off since middle school, and turning them into actual works of serial fiction would be a fun project.

Here are some of the ideas that I’ve had for serial fiction:

  • Fantasy genre stories:
    • A serial set in Astine, perhaps following some of the characters introduced in my collaborated Astine story collection. Such a serial could take on a variety of tones, from light-hearted adventure to political intrigue to gritty crime/investigation thriller, or could have some blend of multiple subgenres.
    • A serial set elsewhere in Ethra, following other protagonists.
  • Superhero genre stories:
    • The Vanguard: A light-hearted story featuring a superhero team based in New York City.
    • The Coast Watch: A less light-hearted story featuring a superhero team based in the Los Angeles area.
    • Limitless: An origin story for an individual college student that discovers alien technology.
    • Dark Crusade: The dark account of a superhero vigilante in New Orleans.

If you are interested in any of these ideas and would like to see them developed into serial fiction, please comment or contact me to let me know!

Looking Forward

Unless I receive feedback requesting otherwise, then here is my plan for the near future. I will focus on Ashes and on my Movie Babble articles throughout the spring. Over the summer, I can publish informational articles about Ethra and dedicate more work to one or more of my serial fiction ideas and try to have one ready by next fall.

I would love to hear what your opinions are on these projects. If you have any feedback or feel strongly about any of these projects, please reach out to me! Comment below, email me, or message me on any of my social media platforms to let me know what you think!