Ivy on the Wall

A wall looks beautiful

when it is coated in ivy;

full green leaves leave

the ground behind

as they snake their path

along the rough-hewn

stones stacked with care.


But that ivy, though beautiful,

can wedge itself

in the flaws of the wall,

miniscule roots finding

hairline cracks in what looks

seamless, safe, impenetrable.


Ivy can create fissures,

exploit weakness;

it is not long until cracks

widen and ivy grows deeper,

and the process repeating

in ever more precarious cycles.


Eventually, the wall starts

to give way; first a small chip

of rock tumbles, replaced

with roots. Then a large stone

crashes to the ground;

cascading pebbles follow.

Finally, the foundation is all

but obliterated.

The wall then crumbles.