Instagram Journal Series

Today marks the start of my new instagram open journal series! Every Monday, I’ll share a brief glimpse into one of my many journals. Each week, I’ll share from one of the following journals: Ethra, Devotional, Maps, Poetry, or occasionally Prayer (starred below).

Note that after this week, all my journal posts will only be available on instagram @nathanheardwords or for patreon subscribers.

This week’s post will just be a quick overview of each of my journals! From first to last:

  • Personal journal: Italian leather; birthday gift from my parents. An account of my personal life. I won’t be sharing pages from this journal. Sorry.
  • **Ethra journal: Made and purchased in Edinburgh, Scotland. Contains characters sketches and story outlines pertaining to Ethra, my fantasy world.**
  • **Prayer journal: Made entirely out of leaves, purchased by Jessica Gash in Vienna, Austria and given to me as a Christmas present. Contains personal prayer requests from friends, and encouraging reminders. I will never share someone else’s prayer request, so any posts from this journal will either be my own prayer requests or general encouragement.**
  • D&D journal: Wooden cover, purchased in a christmas market in Vienna, Austria. Contains sketches and random notes related to my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. I probably won’t share much from this journal because most of you won’t be interested in it.
  • **Devotional journal: Purchased from the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland (home of the Book of Kells). Contains short devotional thoughts inspired by scripture, songs of praise, and similar sources.**
  • **Maps journal: Purchased in the Portobello Road street market in London, England. Contains maps of various locations in Ethra.**
  • **Poetry journal: A gift from Josh Gash, purchased in Kampala, Uganda. Contains early drafts of poems.**
  • Turtle journal: Another gift from Josh (thanks!!), purchased in Hawaii. I don’t know what to do with this one yet (which is a great problem to have)!
  • Dragon journal: A gift from Gabby Mathys, purchased in Beijing, China. Again, don’t know what to do with it yet but it looks incredible!
  • Necklace journal: Finally, a tiny journal on a necklace (Christmas present from Josh), purchased in Vienna, Austria. It has about 40 pages and will ultimately be a journal of the most significant people and events in my life. I might share a peek inside this one at some point.

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