An Open Book

Before anything else, I want to say I was blown away by the popularity of my realistic fiction stories. Separados and Warm Cookies on a Cold Night both had very positive reactions, and especially with Three Journal Entries I was floored by the sheer amount of engagement.

I’ll certainly return to the realistic fiction genre at some point in the future, but for now I’m going to transition to another poetry collection.

Before I talk about the new collection, though, I want to give a couple announcements.

The Inside Scoop

I’m honored and humbled by how well my website has performed since I restarted my weekly posts just a short month ago. Because I’ve gotten such a great response from all of you, after some consideration I decided to start up two new projects as part of Heard Words.

One is a Patreon account. If you’re curious about Patreon or unfamiliar with it, check out my patreon page here. Essentially, my viewers will have the opportunity to pay a $1 monthly subscription and get exclusive content as a result, including early access to my upcoming stories and poetry!

Nathan Heard on Patreon

Worth A Thousand Words

I will also start weekly Instagram posts. These will be separate from my weekly story/poem on Fridays, and available exclusively on instagram. If you want to see them, follow me on Insta @nathanheardwords!

These posts will generally be short excerpts from one of my many journals. This coming Monday, I’ll post an overview of all of my journals and what I use them for; each one has a different purpose related to writing. Again, follow me @nathanheardwords on Insta to see these inside peeks into my journals!

Nature’s Vision

Next week, I will finally start my next poetry collection: Nature’s Vision. As with my previous collections Setting Sail, Moments, and Healing, this collection is subject to growth and revision later on. For now, there will be twelve poems reflecting on life through the lens of various natural phenomena.

The first poem, “Seasons,” will go up next Friday!