“Everything is meaningless,

A chasing after the wind.”

But when the wind chases

After you, when you lose

Your status quo

To a raging inferno

What do you do?


Through the smoke and the haze

God still extends grace

Though in the choking clouds

Of fear and doubt

It may feel as though

He doesn’t know

Or care how we fare,

That the extension of grace

Has been replaced

By the extinction of our race.


Religious, faithless,

Rich and poor alike

All burn the same

In the sight of the flame.


Everything is meaningless.

A chasing after the wind.

So what’s our end goal?

What is salvation to our souls

If everything is meaningless?


“That each man may eat

And drink, and find

Satisfaction in their toil:

This is the gift of God.”


To enjoy the company

Of friends and family,

To find joy in times of peace

And times of tragedy…


This is God’s gift to us.

Try to find sustenance

In His abundance

Of love, it rains from above

Even if we can’t see it.


“Faith is being sure

Of what we hope for,

And certain

Of what we do not see.”


And though we can’t see

The wind, we see its effects

And we know that it is blowing.

So be certain of what

We do not see, have faith:

unfurl your sails, and


Chase after the wind.



*   *   *

Please keep those affected by the California wildfires in your thoughts and prayers. The officers battling the fire, and those who have had to evacuate or are awaiting news that they have to; and especially those who have lost their homes and those who have committed unspoken acts of bravery and heroism.