Check out these Writers!

Two of my personal friends have in the past year or so set up WordPress websites of their own. I can attest that they are both very good writers and I thoroughly enjoy the content that I have read from them.

The writer The True Argonaut is one of my good friends from high school. Also a sophomore in college, he is ahead of me in the game: he’s already in the process of publishing his first novel. His blog primarily provides tips for writing and discusses the revision and publication process as he undertakes this journey. I highly recommend seeing what he has to say; it’s been very helpful for me. Here is a link to his blog.

I met Erika Rowlee during my freshman year at Pepperdine University. We have peer reviewed quite a bit of work together over the past year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything of hers that I have read. She actually wrote the first story in my Tales from the Heart of Astine story collection, “Come Hell or High Water.” Again, I strongly encourage reading her work! Here’s a link to her website.