Tales from the Heart of Astine

“Tales from the Heart of Astine” is a series of six stories that all take place in the same city-state. The stories will be published on Fridays, one per week, from the 20th of October to the 24th of November.


Meet the authors behind these stories – Although Astine is my creation and is in Ethra, I only wrote two of these short stories. The other four were written by four of my close friends and fellow writers.

Learn about the history of Astine – Certainly not necessary to understand the stories, but if you would like more background information about this city-state, here you go.


The following stories are listed in the order they were posted, not their chronological order. Chronologically, “No More Tears” occurs first. About thirty years later, “Skeleton in the Closet” takes place. Ten more years pass before “Breakout”, “Innocent”, “Agent of Change”, and “Come Hell or High Water”, which take place in that order over a span of about six months.

Come Hell or High Water, by Erika Rowlee – Inawynn, a young noble, gets tangled up in the lives of some commoners. She tries to help them and learns that her house has sided with the people that hurt these commoners, leaving her in a politically and emotionally tangled situation.

Skeleton in the Closet, by Josh Gash – Jaspen, a lovestruck teenage boy, seeks out help from the apothecary Estelle Veltren.

Breakout, by Nathan Heard – Obsidian Rex and his friends Skyler and Letha try to steal the High Lord’s crown. Letha gets caught and thrown in an impregnable prison. Obsidian and Skyler assemble a team to try to get her out.

Innocent, by Joel Cox – Mercenary Autumn Fenborn gets hired to bring about the downfall of the powerful Matton family. In carrying out her mission, she realizes that things may not be as black and white as she first thought.

No More Tears, by Nico Heard – The young boy Ferdinand Stoneroot struggles with living with an abusive, alcoholic father.

Agent of Change, by Nathan Heard – Trussk, a member of the covert spy ring the Ancients Guild, tries to deliver a letter that will help the political status of his guild. However, hired mercenaries are out to stop him, and things get complicated when he is pickpocketed by a third party.