Project: Tales from the Heart of Astine

Back in July, I approached several authors that I know personally and asked them to work with me on a collection of short stories. We have come up with six different stories, one written by each of four different authors and two written by myself. These stories all take place in a city-state in Ethra.

The city-state of Astine is a vastly diverse city, a cultural melting-pot. Next week, I will post more information about the city-state itself, but for now, I want to introduce the writing team behind these stories. One story will be posted per week, each Friday from the 20th of October to the 24th of November.

Joel Cox

Joel Cox is a freshman studying History and Philosophy at Pepperdine University in Malibu. He enjoys reading, discussing a variety of topics with his friends, and looking at all the memes the internet has to offer. Reading Nathan’s stories has inspired him to start writing a fantasy book series of his own, based on an idea he came up with when he was eight years old.

Josh Gash

Josh Gash is a sophomore studying at Pepperdine University. He is passionate about psychology and is studying to be a therapist. He strives to show empathy and understanding to everyone he meets.

Nathan Heard

Yours truly! Nathan is a sophomore with a major in Creative Writing at Pepperdine University. This academic year, he is studying abroad in London, and traveling as much as he can on the weekends. His experiences abroad are constantly fueling new ideas for poems and stories.

Nico Heard

Nico Heard is in eighth grade, and enjoys reading and writing fantasy. He also enjoys playing piano, Nintendo video games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Erika Rowlee

Erika Rowlee has been writing stories ever since she was grade school, and loves tracking unique characters through new worlds and different settings, particularly in the fantasy and supernatural thriller genres. She is currently pursuing undergraduate degrees in both Interpersonal Communication and Creative Writing at Pepperdine University. For her classes, Erika has been writing short stories and poetry, and in her free time, she is working on revising her first novel and getting a few more ideas down on paper. She also has her own website! Click here to see her stories and poetry.

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