First Week!!

The time has come! My website is finally up and running! Woohoo!! I have been putting lots of time and effort toward getting this ready, and now that the time has finally come, I’m incredibly excited to share this with you all!

First off, let me introduce myself, then I’ll say a word about the site. My name’s Nathan Heard, and I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. The three traits most central to who I am are my love of writing, my devotion to my friends, and most importantly, my faith as a Christian. These three qualities have shaped me as I’ve grown up, and continue to shape me as I progress in life.

I’m nineteen years old and I’m about to start my sophomore year of college attending Pepperdine University. I’m majoring in Creative Writing, and plan on adding Philosophy as a double major. In about a month I’ll be heading overseas for eight months to study in London, England.

Earlier this summer I decided it was time to take the next step in my writing career. I toyed around with several ideas before finally deciding to set up this site. Heard Words is a site where I will be sharing a wide variety of content as I write it. I will focus on poetry and short stories, but I will also blog about my writing career and my personal life. Down the road I will probably branch into other genres of writing, but for the time being, I will stick with these main categories. I also have a page on this site dedicated to Ethra, a world I’ve been developing and writing stories about for a very long time. In a week or two I’ll post an article that discusses Ethra in greater detail.

So you’ll know what to expect, for the foreseeable future I plan on publishing at least one work per week, whether poem, story, blog, book review, or some other form of writing. For the first couple weeks, I’ll be publishing at least one poem and short story per week (my next story will be up on the site on the 18th).

Whatever you’re looking for, be it love poetry or epic fantasy, I hope you enjoy my writing. I cannot stress enough how much I would love to hear feedback from you. If you read my content and want to give me feedback, please reach out to me.

Well, that’s a bit about me and what this site is all about! Welcome to Heard Words, and thanks for reading!


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  1. As the mother of a writer (Emma is working on her Masters of Fine Arts at Colorado State right now), I am thrilled to see another thoughtful, intelligent young adult who see the value of creating with words. I look forward to reading more of your work!


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